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Angela Diane Bishop, MTI #AR6930 & Professional Bowenwork Practitioner

Appointment Scheduling & Rates

Appointments available in Mena on Wednesdays & Fridays and in Mt. Ida on Tuesdays & Thursdays (each location on some Saturdays) Text or call 479-216-1165 to schedule. Thanks


Minutes/ Price

Minutes/ Price

Minutes/ Price

Relax/ Therapeutic

90 / $85

60 /  $55

30 /  $35

Deep Tissue

90 / n/a

60 /  $75

30 /  $45


same as relaxation

Energy Therapy /CranialSacral/ Lymphatic Drainage  

same as relaxation

Add these to your service to make it a “Pamper You Package” by request in advance of session, please.

Aromatherapy - 2 oils w/ heated towels “Mini-Essential Oil Escape”   $10

Aromatherapy - up to 7 oils w/ heated towels “Essential Oil Escape”   $30

Facial Massage - deluxe with natural products (30 additional minutes) $40

Facial Massage - basic with anti-aging cleanser                                    $20

Feet Warm Wrap                                                                                    $10

Hot Stones full body                                                                               $35

Therapeutic or integrative massage incorporates a variety of hands-on techniques to promote relaxation & often release tension for “drug-free” pain relief. Enjoy a calm, peaceful massage to relax away the daily stressors &/or experience orthopedic /medical as needed to loosen tight muscles from trauma, injury, or repetitive stress.  Angie customizes pressure (light to firm) for your massage session which may included, as applicable, some hot stones &/or hot towels or warm packs and aromatherapy. 

Angie has training in the following modalities:  Swedish, Orthopedic/Medical, Myofascial -Myopractic (carpal tunnel, neck, shoulders, back), Pregnancy, Geriatric & Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Reflexology         (no need to undress)                                                           

From China and the East, this is an ancient technique that relieves tension, stress, reduces fatigue, and improves general health. It is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet, hands, and head link to every part of the body. Pressure points are massaged while you relax. 

Bowenwork®    (no need to undress)                                                        

Originating in Australia, this neuromuscular therapy works on the whole body by releasing tight fascia and relaxing the nervous system from “fear-fight-flight” like a chain effect by allowing the body to right itself.   See brochure for more info

Energy Balancing Therapy * (Cranial-sacral / Reiki / Arcing Light) (no need to undress)      

“Re-charge your batteries” says Christine Northrup, MD and Healing is VoltageDr. Jerry Tennant.  “Energy Medicine is the medicine of the future. It has to be. It is the source of all of our health balances and imbalances. Everything else is treating symptoms.”  Dr. Mehmet Oz      (not a religion) 

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