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Lower your stress & pain, feel better and look great! 

This space is created for you to feel safe, peaceful, and deeply cared-for while achieving rejuvenation, relaxation, recuperation, and enhanced quality of life - on a routine basis or while you are on vacation. Come let us pamper you, your friends and family! 

Massage, Bowenwork® or Energy therapy are healthy, natural ways to achieve enhanced wellbeing and improve your quality of life. Research shows massage decreases muscle tension, increases circulation, and calms the nervous system. Bodywork is beneficial to adults of all ages - from Geriatric, Robust Seniors, Baby-Boomers, to young adults (18 yrs +). Bowenwork® has been found helpful for all ages.  You will find the resulting physical and mental benefits therapeutic to alleviate a wide variety of conditions.  Best of all, it will help you get back to work & play, to golfing, gardening, dancing, walking, bicycling, running - whatever it is that you enjoy doing!

The best experience happens when the therapist understands your unique needs and designs your session accordingly. Contact us today to set up a personal wellness program for you and your family or business.

                                                Thank you!                                    Angie

Angela Diane Bishop, MMT #AR6930
Professional Bowenwork® Practitioner - October 2012
Master Massage Therapist  - AR (2009 LMT)  TX (1994 & 2010) 

Please consult with your physician for serious conditions or concerns.  


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