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Massage/Bodywork - Which type for you?

Not sure what kind of massage to get? Investing in massage and bodywork is an investment in your health.

Have you hesitated in booking a massage because you were intimidated by the choices and terms, or by not knowing what goes on in a session? Well... join the club!  It can be intimidating to choose from many different types of bodywork, and we can help. Below is a description of each type of massage we offer.

Many clients opt to start with our standard integrative/relaxation massage.  But each modality has elements that make it unique and helpful to the client. Developing a plan in cooperation with your therapist will help achieve optimum health and wellness. 

If you don't find the answer you're looking for below, call or email us to discuss your specific needs. You can also schedule a one-hour session Swedish/integrative session, and then discuss your specific needs and learn about modalities that would benefit you when you come for your first session.

Integrative/relaxation (Swedish) massage is probably the most widely recognized form of massage, and is done with the client undressed (covered by appropriate draping) using soothing massage oils or creams made from high-quality natural ingredients.  

Swedish massage is typically characterized by long, flowing strokes on legs, arms, back and shoulders, with more specific work (kneading and gentle squeezing of muscles, and deeper work in places where tension or muscle knots exist). 

It's a common misconception that Swedish massage is just light, "surfacey" strokes with no firmness, but that's actually completely untrue. When performed by a well-trained and skilled therapist, Swedish work can vary from a very light to a firm and invigorating massage, depending on your specific areas of tension and your personal needs.  The therapist will work with you to determine how light or heavy a touch you desire. 

Lymph Drainage Massage Technique is subtle and gentle.It can alleviate many Health Issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, sinuses, ear aches, acne and allergies. It promotes detoxification and rejuvenation of the body.  This can be performed first and combined with other massage modalities.

 Orthopedic/ Medical or Sports massage is a specialized style focused on the needs of athletes, bodybuilders, dancers, and more active types.  It has similarities to deep tissue in that it is often focused on particular muscle groups, but is also intended to address muscle and joint injury or soreness, utilizing specific techniques and modalities designed to enhance circulation to muscles and tissues, improving healing and optimizing muscle function, while helping to enhance muscle tone and development. It is typically a more invigorating, energy-increasing massage than Swedish or deep tissue. 

 Focused work is also available, in which the therapist will spend the entire session on one or more specific areas (back, hands, shoulders are common.)  This is usually an eclectic mix of Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage, and in some cases trigger point or other modalities that the therapist incorporates.  In this way, areas of particular tension or stress, areas that are injured, in need of rehabilitative support, or muscles or muscle groups that are weakened can receive specialized treatment.

 Pregnancy, pre-natal & post-natal massage can be one of the best gifts the expectant mother can receive during the childbearing year.  A therapist skilled in prenatal massage can help with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, reducing stress on the lower back, legs, and pelvis, and helping to improve circulation and better the cellular utilization of nutrients and elimination of waste, and helping to reduce bloating and swelling in the legs.   

 What is Reflexology and how is it different from massage?

Reflexology is an ancient scientific art that focuses on using reflex points in the feet or hands to refer to specific body parts or functions.  Reflexology uses a specific “walk” of the thumb or fingers across the surfaces of the feet or hands to pinpoint each reflex.  No lotions or oils are used and the motions do not glide as in traditional massage.  Reflexology can be deeply relaxing and can have effects on any or all body systems though only the hands or feet are actually touched.  Massage touches body areas directly.  Reflexology targets areas by working with the corresponding reflex points or “nerve endings” where the nerve bundles terminate in the hands or feet.

_______________________Facial Massage:   For all skin types - Enhance collagen production and stimulate new cell growth with Honey Rejuvenating Mask. This massage softens and moisturizes while providing the skin with the nutrition it needs to look and feel its best. Stand alone service or with massage or reflexology. The face is full of nerves and pleasure points, so it makes sense that a facial massage is a desirable form of pampering. Give yourself a facial massage or visit a professional. Whether you are looking for a quick midday pick-me-up or a soothing escape, the luxury of massage is easily justified by some of its more practical benefits.                


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